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When putting on your make-up, you have to take into consideration that you will be on cam for like ... 10 hours. —EVA SIN, STUDIO 20 CAM GIRL Beauty on Point: Cam Girls Talk Tradecraft By Andra Chirnogeanu am girls are the girls that are al- ways on point — with the per- fect make-up and perfect skin, the shiny hair and long nails. Given their expertise, I asked some of the girls from Studio 20 if they would share a few beauty tips with us, so that girls just starting in this industry can have a little help. As you can imagine, the girls were more than happy to share their secrets, so much so, they wouldn’t stop talking, going on and on about girlie tips. Here is what they shared: Eva Sin is one of the most glamorous models — her face is flawless and she has a body so curvaceous, you would think it’s unreal. “If you have the chance to see me at least one time in front of the camera, you will see that my make-up is always on point,” Sin said. “It is my passion, my tal- ent… well, one of my tal- ents, sometimes my second job. I even do it for brides. So for me, it is a pleasure to get ready to go online. And, I think that any woman who respects her- self should have at least the base... foundation, mascara, blush and lipstick. I men- tion just the basics in case make-up is not really what you like to do or have on your face. “I also invest in my out- fits,” she revealed. “Some- times, much more than in my street clothes. I can’t disappoint my members! I can’t disappoint myself! Shoes, dresses, lingerie, stockings, anything. I keep fit by eating healthy. As healthy as I can and some- C 72 XBIZ WORLD MARCH 2017 times I go to have some body treatments because I don’t really have time for gym. About my hair, haha, always on point too! I could call myself a fashionista. I like to know which are the newest things in beauty and of course, to apply and have them!” hen talking about the products that she uses, Sin got more detailed. “In my small closet of wonders, you will find products like Sleek, Estée Lauder (my foundation), Chanel blush,” she explained. “I like to use a beauty sponge from Sephora to apply the foun- dation on my skin. The eyeliner is also really im- portant. Inglot is my fa- vorite brand that I use for that. When putting on your make-up, you have to take into consideration that you W will be on cam for like... 10 hours. I stay even 12 hours. The tech guys from Studio 20 send me home, haha. Being that way, you have to use a powder that keeps your face shine-free. “Oh, perfume, don’t forget about perfume,” Sin contin- ued. “I know, you can’t smell me, but I feel the good smell. We are going to date, no? Hahaha. And, I choose Lancome La Vie Est Belle. Oil for my body is also important. Usually, I oil up my body, not only in front of the cam. It just gives me baby soft skin and I use commercial baby oil! You can use Johnson’s baby oil. It’s a great sensation to have soft skin. Ah, my shower gel and lotion for my body are also from Lancome La Vie Est Belle.” Lexie Ford also revealed her secrets. “Considering the fact that make-up is an important part of being a cam girl, I use only high- end products, so that my make-up will look perfect and my skin will be fresh, hydrated and wrinkle-free,” she said. “Let’s start with the eyes. I love a natural look — I never go for a smoky eye, it’s too heavy for me. Continued on page 87 Andra Chirnogeanu is the public relations man- ager for Studio 20, an elite cam studio enterprise and global brand, with loca- tions ranging from Roma- nia to Hollywood, Calif. Follow her on Twitter @AndraPRKiru and visit Studio 20 at Studio20.Live.